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Bullet The MESH Brochure
3-fold Brochure (pdf-450KB)
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Bullet The MESH Vision to the future of News
Scenarios of the future Access to News (pdf-600KB)
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How could news be accessed and delivered
in a semantic way?

• news have to be understood by fully or semi-automatic mechanisms. This means that a news item (in any multimedia form; text, image or video) has to be analysed and categorised (i.e. annotated) according to its contents. - addressed by MESH Multimedia Analysis

• news consumers also have to be understood. This involves profiling of individuals in a structured manner and constantly updating these profiles through personally provided preferences but also through automatic understanding of their needs and interests by monitoring their requests and habits.  - addressed by MESH Personalisation activities

• news items will then have to be matched to the readers’ interests and requests, by reasoning what news would be preferred by which reader and in which way.  - addressed by MESH Reasoning tasks

• news have to delivered in an effective way. Personalised multimedia summaries can be a basic means of navigation into the full set of information, while items referring to the same subject will have to be shown in parallel to make critical reviews possible.  - addressed by MESH content syndication

• the source of information will also have to be understood and profiled if the reader is to be assisted in forming an objective view of actual events. Structured information will have to be provided for the source helping the reader to understand whether the news provided could be biased and towards which side. Credibility will also have to be measured in such a way. - addressed by MESH content syndication

• in our era mobility is also a significant aspect to be taken into account. With mobile devices being used more and more both for the production and consumption of news, special technologies need to be advanced into a framework that allows effective inclusion of mobile prosumers. - addressed by MESH mobile access

The MESH project was initiated with the vision to integrate the above needs into a setting that would bring the world of news closer to knowledge-enabled services. Twelve different organisations with expertise in all these diverse fields have joined forces to make personal navigation in the world of news a reality.