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Bullet The MESH Brochure
3-fold Brochure (pdf-450KB)
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Bullet The MESH Exhibition Poster
Poster for commercial exhibitions (pdf-2.1MB)
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Bullet The MESH Vision to the future of News
Scenarios of the future Access to News (pdf-600KB)
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Bullet MESH Project Presentation
Presentation of the project overview (pdf-550KB)
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Bullet Animated MESH Vision
Flash animation of a MESH envisaged scenario of use (zip-1.1MB)
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In our days we are confronted with vast amounts of information commonly referred to as “news”. News about all aspects of our everyday lives are nowadays accessible to all corners of the world. But how easy is it for anyone to navigate this flood of information and how possible is it to get an objective view of controversial events, at national or international level?

Was the latest war an invasion or a liberation?

Were the latest elections a grand victory or the result of an unfair election system?

Our era of knowledge should provide for methods of understanding the meaning of ‘news’. Contemporary methods should be able to organise news in a semantic way that would allow the reader to have a complete overview of all similar and conflicting views, being also able to filter information according to personal preferences and interests.

How can this be made possible?

Watch the animated MESH Vision
(flash plug-in needed)