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Bullet The MESH Brochure
3-fold Brochure (pdf-450KB)
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Bullet The MESH Exhibition Poster
Poster for commercial exhibitions (pdf-2.1MB)
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Bullet The MESH Vision to the future of News
Scenarios of the future Access to News (pdf-600KB)
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Bullet MESH Project Presentation
Presentation of the project overview (pdf-550KB)
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Bullet Animated MESH Vision
Flash animation of a MESH envisaged scenario of use (zip-1.1MB)
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Advisory Menu
The advisory board is an external independent consultation committee, whose mission is to assess that the technical progress in MESH remains innovative and forward looking, to evaluate if MESH is producing work of sufficient technical quality, to ensure that the activities in MESH are adequately tailored towards future exploitation of results, and that the project is keeping the necessary ethical standards. It will do so by peer review of selected MESH deliverables, and by providing feedback on the progress of WPs and tasks.

The MESH advisory board is constituted from individuals and organisations both within and outside of the project consortium, according to the following structure:
  1. Scientific researchers coming from related fields:
    Prof. Fernando Pereira, IST
    Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis, NCSR "Demokritos"
    Prof. Wolfgang NejdlUniversity of Hannover
    Prof. Alan Smeaton, Dublin City University
  2. Potential users of MESH technology:
    Core group: Individuals from MESH
    Holger Hank, Head of new media, Deutsche Welle
    Bjorn Rosenthal, Product manager, Deutsche Welle
    Giorgos Tziotzios, Chief Editor, DIAS media group
    Silia Vasiliou, Head of on-line news, DIAS media group 
    Main user group: Individuals outside MESH
    Panagiotis Mantis, IT director, Athens News Agency 
    Interest group: Organizations outside MESH
    ifra,  Harald Loffler, Research manager
    European Journalism Center, Wilfried Rutten, Director
    Agencia EFE, Jose Luis del Rey, Director of technology
    Europa Press, Luis Miguel Merino, Director of systems
    Profium, Janne Saarela, CEO
    ANSA, Angelo Marrara, Chief of R&D 
    LUSA, Paulo Nogueira dos Santos, Technical Director 
Suitable non-disclosure agreements allow advisory board members access to relevant MESH information. The advisory board is a live, non-formal group, in the sense that its members are recruited along the project’s life and have different degrees of commitment, depending on their role. For more information and potential participation please contact: